20 cogs review

If you’re here you probably heard of 20 cogs as this great way to make £200 easily and quickly. In this 20 cogs review, I will give you all the details so you can decide whether you want to give this platform a try.

So, can you make £200 easily and quickly as advertised by 20 cogs (and loads of finance bloggers)? Well, it’s not so simple.

In this 20 cogs review, I want to share my experience and provide an honest review of this money making idea*, before you decide to try it for yourself.

Because I wish I read one before trying this website!

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What is 20 cogs?

20 cogs is a website that pays you for completing competitions, offers, gaming, and surveys, which means sign up for surveys, trial a new product, sign up for a gambling site, sign up for TV services trials and more.

20 cogs is a UK only website. If you are not based in the UK, there are similar websites you can try, like Swagbucks

When you sign up you are provided with the first cog, with a few offers to choose from.

Once you have completed the offer the cog will turn amber, which means the system has tracked you have completed the offer so it’s pending, and it is now with the advertiser to review and confirm. Once that’s done your cog will turn green.

20 cogs review - cogs colours

You’ll be able to cash out your earnings only when you have completed 20 offers, and their cogs turned green.

Whilst a cog turns amber quite quickly (24 hours in my case), it can take up to 30 days for the cogs to turn green. In my experience, it took the whole 30 days for the cogs to turn green (more on my experience below)

Cash out is via paypal or BACS.

There are a few offers you can choose from to complete each cog.

Usually, there are 4-5 options for each cog, but some offers will repeat in various cogs, so there isn’t that much to choose from. You can look at all options before deciding, but you’ll need to pick and complete one before moving on to the next cog.

This is an example of offers I’ve seen, offers change so it may not be available to you.

20 cogs review - offer example
An example of 20 cog offer

Are they legit or a scam?

Website like this often have a bad reputation of letting you get to the last step and then finding ways not to pay you.

But as this 20 cogs will show you, the website is legit.

It does pay you if you complete the 20 cogs, however this doesn’t mean it is the platform for you.

20 cogs review - trustpilot score
They have pretty good reviews on Trustpilot too!

The most important thing to make sure you have a pleasant and successful experience with 20 cogs is that you need to remember to complete all 20 cogs to get paid, even if it appears on the website you have already earned money.

How much money can you make?

20 cogs claim that on average people make £200, with someone even making £700. Whilst I don’t doubt it happened for someone, I think those figures are more of a marketing strategy.

Higher earnings may be possible if you patiently wait for the highest paying offers, and you’re willing to spend some money.

For example, I noticed an offer where they would pay you £20 for switching your bills to a new supplier, but that was not possible for me, as I had switched a few weeks prior.

Or they would pay £15 if you signed up for a bookie and deposited £10, which will help towards higher pay-out, but will impact the actual profit you make from the offer.

Remember that companies that work with 20 cogs ultimately want to make money by keeping you signed up to their full membership, so to do that, they might offer a higher bonus.

One way to boost your earnings is to join the referral scheme. I was very sceptical at first, so didn’t participate in the referral scheme whilst completing my 20 cogs. I wanted to see first if it’s worth it!

The referral programme is very generous, you will earn 5% of what your friend earns forever plus an additional £20 when they cash out (details correct as of 22/03/2020)

And, unlike most referral schemes, you are allowed to share the link on social media, email the link or post on forums and blogs.

My 20 cogs review

The sign up process was extremely easy, and I completed the first few offers quite quickly (the first being just filling in personal details on the 20 cogs website).

They were either free sign ups or required to pay £1.00 for a sample product.

But after that some offers were a real pain!

my 20 cogs review

For example, I had to sign up for a trial for a fee, but to ensure the cog is accepted you are only allowed to cancel on the last day of the trial.

That could happen for a few offers, so you’ll have to be super organised and remember when to cancel each one of them, or you’ll get charged the full membership which is definitely higher than the reward you get from completing the cog.

These websites will ask for your bank details when setting up your account so it’s extremely important you remember to cancel beforehand.

That’s not ideal when we all have very busy lives already!

You could always wait for the offers to change, but in my experience not many of them changed. Also there is no guarantee the new offers will be better!

Always read the Terms & Conditions because there are key details you want to be aware of.

For example, in the offer I showed you before, you’d have to purchase 10 lines for £1. But the following day they would charge you £5.00 for the full membership, so you’d have to mae sure you cancelled the same day (hoping the offer would track correctly)

Contacting the helpdesk for issues

A few times I had to submit tickets to the helpdesk because some offers didn’t track in the system (so remained grey instead of turning amber), so I would recommend you take screenshots of the offers you complete as they will require proof of completion.

The last thing you want is completing an offer, only to find out it didn’t track or for some reasons you haven’t complied to all T&Cs, which is what I did, when I completed two offers (in two separate cogs) but didn’t realise they were part of the same group company and therefore they would honour only one.

You will need to provide screenshots, so always best to take them when you’re completing the offer.

After contacting helpdesk a couple of times I started worrying that I was going to get stuck on the last cog, without being able to complete the 20 cogs and therefore cash out. But that didn’t happen and I managed to find offers to complete for all cogs.

The helpdesk was extremely helpful and quick to respond, contacting them through the form is easy and ensure they are able to deal with the query quickly.

Using 20 cogs was very simple and, except having to note down when to cancel, relatively easy.

However if you have signed up for offers/freebies/trials online before, you will quickly notice that those same offers are available within 20 cogs, therefore reducing your options to choose from within each cog.

The cash out process

20 cogs review - my proof of earnings

It took in total 6 weeks from the first offer to cashing out. But as soon as all cogs turned green, I requested payment via the website and the funds arrived in my account 4-5 days later.

You can either choose BACS or paypal. I went for BACS, because for Paypal you had to make sure the email provided clearly stated your full name and not something funny or ‘creative’.

I made £89.80.

Of that £71.36 were profit. To complete 20 offers I had to spend £18.44 in total.

Clearly quite far from the £200 advertised by the website! I was lucky to get a sign up bonus thanks to a link someone shared on Instagram, otherwise my earnings would have been very low, probably not worth the effort!

My recommendations before joining

  • Use a separate email address because you will easily get inundated with emails from all these companies you’re signing up for. It only takes a minute to set up an email address with google or any other providers.
  • Read the instructions very very carefully and make sure you understand them.
  • Use a different bank account if possible, or write down everything you paid, you will need that to calculate your net earnings at the end of the 20 cogs
  • Write down when to cancel, use a calendar or notifications on your phone. You can even write it on the fridge as long as you don’t forget!
  • Avoid using your mobile number, or you’ll get spam calls. Use this website to get a fake phone number for free
  • Take screenshots of every offer and proof of completion. Just in case you need them when opening tickets with the helpdesk.
  • Be patient and wait for the offers to change (even though I wasn’t very lucky with that), but don’t give up or you won’t be able to cash out!

20 cogs review: conclusion

20 cogs is a legitimate way to earn extra money from home. It won’t make you rich, and the process does require a bit of work, attention to detail and constant monitoring, however if you’re up for it, you could make some extra cash.

Have you tried 20 cogs or do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!