Etsy as a side hustle

If I say you could start an Etsy side hustle, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I bet it’s a beautiful handcrafted product and immediately dismiss it as an idea because you’re not creative.

I was just like you until I found out I could sell printables and digital products on Etsy as a side hustle, and I can tell you I am no creative!

In this post, I’ll tell you all about my shop and how I started my Etsy journey.

I’ll also share with you how to get a great free ebook to know more about this world.

But before I do, let me clarify exactly what these printables and digital products are.

What do you mean – printables and digital products?

If you’re not based in the US, you probably won’t know what they are and what they’re for. And you also wouldn’t be aware of what a great selling opportunity they are.

What are they?

They are either PDF to print or digital products to use on your computer, laptop, or phone.

The key things is that printables and digital products are so popular because they solve a problem.

Think about all the freebies available in my Free Resources section, that’s the kind of thing people sell in their Etsy shops!

What kind of problems do they solve?

Literally anything. From organizing time, to track fitness goals, to budgeting, to manage your gardening progress, to invoicing your clients.

There is a printable for any need!

And people buy them?

Yes! Because they don’t have the computer skills or the time to create one themselves. The US is a lot more mature in the printable world, and they tend to purchase the most items. But I have sold my products all over the world!

The price of each printable varies greatly, depending on what is offered. A one page printable might sell for £2, whilst a yearly digital planner might sell for £10 or more.

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How I found out about this Etsy side hustle

I found out about this Etsy side hustle, whilst on a blogging course ran by Julie and Cody from Gold City Ventures.

Cody and Julie are amazing bloggers and Etsy sellers, and have created courses to share their knowledge on the subjects.

At the time I had just started blogging and had no idea what to do, so I was so happy to join their blogging course, which is no longer on sale unfortunately.

The Etsy course also seemed super interesting and for a while, I wasn’t sure which one to take, but I decided to focus on blogging for a while and get it up and running, knowing that I could start my Etsy journey in the future.

During lockdown, I found myself with some free time on my hand and decided I could take on a new project. I immediately remember the Etsy course I was so interested in and signed up for it.

Knowing Julie and Cody’s professionalism and experience in Etsy sales and marketing, gave me confidence it was the right thing to do.

The E-printables course

The E-printables course is made of 16 modules and countless of videos via an online platform, which you can access any time and it never expires. It is completely self-paced; I completed it in a month because I was so eager and looking forward to learn everything about selling on Etsy. Now, after a few months, I still go back to the course every now and then to review things.

The course also gives you access to a private Etsy support group, where Julie, Cody and some Etsy experts will answer any of your questions and share their knowledge in additional training videos. They even have guest speakers to share their experience as Etsy sellers.

This group is what really sets the course apart from any others, as it is a judgement-free and super supportive zone where everybody just wants you to have success.

Click here to find out more about the E-printable course.

The guys at Gold City Ventures were also so kind to give the Thrifty Freckles readers a free ebook to learn more about the world of an Etsy side hustle and give you plenty of ideas of products to create.

etsy side hustle free ebook

My Etsy shop – Freckles Printables

In my shop – Freckles Printables, I sell planners and printables to better organise your life, like OneNote agendas, garden planners, and fitness trackers.

I have so many ideas to explore, and I am hoping to expand my product range soon. Once you get in the printable world, all you see are product opportunities!

In the first 4 months of trading, I have created 15 items but sold over 250 products!

Follow the link below to check out my shop:

My etsy side hustle shop

What are the benefits of Etsy as a side hustle?

I have tried various side hustles recently, all documented in my side hustle reports, but nothing beats Etsy for me.

Matched betting, surveys and receipt scanning are great, but are just a way to make money. They are not fun (at least not for me) and, especially for the surveys, the return for the time is so small, it’s not really worth it.

Unlike matched betting, Etsy requires a very limited initial investment. If you use free programs (they explain everything in the course), all you have to pay is:

And if you use my link, you can get your first 40 listings up on Etsy for free!

Anyway, there are three key benefits of starting an Etsy side hustle.

Learn new skills

En Etsy side hustle requires you to learn new skills, software, and online tools to make your products.

Additionally, you will also develop your marketing and customer service skills. All 100% needed to run an Etsy shop.

But don’t worry, the Gold City Ventures e-printable course teaches you exactly that, among other things!

I make all my products on Inkscape, a software I had no idea existed until 4 months ago. Some other people make them on Canva or Adobe Illustrator, the possibilities are endless, it all depends on what your preferences are.

Creative outlet

There is a strange satisfaction to see a final product knowing that you made it from scratch. Don’t be fooled by those who say being creative only means drawing and painting; creating a product from scratch is being creative!

Passive income

This is the most important benefit of all because you will make money while you sleep. First, you just have to create a product, then list it on Etsy and, because it is digital, you can sell infinite copies.

I recently was on holiday and it was great to see sales coming in whilst I was enjoying myself (and not working on the Etsy side hustle at all)

Final words as Etsy as a side hustle

I honestly love my Etsy side hustle, because it is a real business opportunity, as I know I can grow my shop with time, and increase my sales. The profits I make will help me towards my goal of paying off the mortgage early, which is an added bonus!

I also know that with time I could even set up my own store here on my blog, giving me even greater opportunities to grow my business.

If you’re still unsure of the potential of Etsy as a side hustle, check out the success stories of those who took the course before me.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the E-printables course, click here. And don’t forget to download the free ebook!

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