5 good reasons to join the library

There are many good reasons to join your local library. And that is even if you’re not a student or a bookworm.

The love of books

I’ve always loved books and I remember with a bit of envy how my mum used to read one every week. Her bookshelf covered the whole length of the wall and it was constantly full of books of any kind, mainly fiction.

When I was old enough to spend my own money, it seemed a natural step to get my own bookshelf and grow my personal library. Reading has always been a hobby of mine, except during university when I felt guilty whenever I picked up a book when I should be studying.

I even worked in a bookshop over a summer holiday, it was my dream job, but I must have spent at least half of my salary in books.

Then I moved to London and had to leave my books behind.

I learnt that you don’t need a physical copy of the book to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

For a while I fell in love with eBooks and the joys of carrying so many stories in one tiny, very light, device.

I soon realised I am more of a paper book kind of girl, I love turning the pages and see how much I’ve read, but I only want some very special books to enter my home, not every single book I read.

That’s when I joined my local library.

The five good reasons to join your local library

5 good reasons why you should join your local library. There is plenty for you to enjoy and it is definitely not only for students!

Reason number 1 – Save money

Ok, that’s a bit of an obvious one. This is a finance blog so the main reason you should join your local library is to save money. 

I read on average 15 books a year, mainly paperback for ca. £9.00 each, for a total of £135.00 a year! And this is excluding any hardback, new releases I might fall in love with or books I buy but never come around to read and end up at the bottom of the pile. 

As you can see, big money!

(By the way, you should totally still budget for books – read here how to)

Reason number 2 – Freedom to explore

I go through phases where I obsess over a specific author (ehm, Jonathan Franzen) or a topic.

I still remember that time in high school when I decided I wanted to become a teacher and purchased every book I could find on the subject. It only took me a few weeks and one of the books to realise it was not the career for me. 

Joining the library means I can deep dive into any subject or author, one day I can learn about knitting and the following about forex trading. Nothing is stopping my curiosity.

Reason number 3 – Sustainability

I love that I can enjoy the instant gratification a book gives me without worrying about the impact my purchase has on the environment and the limited resources we have. Very limited carbon footprint, and minimal impact to the forest! It’s a win-win.

Reason number 4 – Supporting the local community

In a time when we are bombarded with news of libraries closing, of how people are reading less and less, and how the internet is replacing any human interaction, accessing the library is an act of resistance. Libraries are free spaces that welcome everyone and offer multiple services to the community: free courses, internet access, and free access to information and knowledge. It is also a great place to meet people with similar interests and make new friends!

5 great reasons to join your local library

Reason number 5 – Minimalism

Joining the library means I can enjoy a less cluttered house. Less stuff means less stuff to tidy up and worry about, which means more time to do what you love.

Extra bonus: Joining the library is also a great topic for conversation with friends and family. Once they know you are committed to it and have access to an amazing quantity of books, they will hopefully stop giving you (often dubious) books as a Christmas present!

The library will give you access to a multitude of events and resources, created for the whole family, as well as a quiet space to study or read. Most of them now offer internet access, which could be a great alternative when you want to work outside the house, but don’t feel like spending £5.00 for a filtered coffee in some pretentious coffee shops with dubious music.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this website to find your closest library and its services.