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Summer is definitely the perfect season to be more frugal, that’s why I want to share with you 10 super easy frugal summer ideas you can implement in your life right now.

Frugality doesn’t mean depriving yourself of what you love but making little swaps to save some extra money.

Sure, it needs a tiny bit of effort – I mean, what doesn’t? but you will never go back to your old life, once you see the benefits of frugality!

Still not convinced? Check out the benefits of frugality below

The benefits of finding frugal summer ideas

Frugality is a great idea all year round, and there are so many benefits associated to it.

Save money

Saving money is the most obvious benefit when living a frugal life. By buying less, you spend less and save more. Simple as that.

But you shouldn’t see frugality as giving up something, but rather a shift in mentality and priorities.

You don’t need to implement all of the 10 frugal summer ideas covered in this post.

Even if you chose a few, imagine how much you could save. What could you use the money for?

You could save for a rainy day, or beef up your emergency fund. You could even put the money in one of your sinking funds, ready to be used towards an upcoming expense.

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Or maybe you could save for a deposit for your dream home, or pay off a debt or credit card, or save towards your children’s college fees, or finally go on that dream vacation you’ve been thinking of for so many years. The possibilities are endless!

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Less waste

Being frugal also means getting rid of what we don’t need – and make sure we’re not buying it again!

By being more mindful with our belongings we can reduce our waste and clutter.

Less clutter means spending less time tidying up the house and having our belongings controlling our lives.

But less waste doesn’t only apply to belonging. Being frugal also means less food waste, and waste of resources.

More free time

Making the conscious decision to purchase only what we really need, and in general, owning less stuff frees up so much time.

It is so time-consuming to keep up with the Joneses and the latest trend, as well as researching, reading reviews and shopping around. All just to feel accepted and be trendy!

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about that – how would you spend your free time?

If you’re looking for inspiration check out these fun and free things to do at home.

Less stress

Implementing frugal ideas always means simplifying our life and reduce the level of stress on a daily basis.

With less clutter in our lives, definitely comes less stress and worry.

Living below our means, increase our savings, and stop worrying about what others think or have can definitely help us living a stress-free life.

Why in summer?

Everything is more relaxed in summer so it’s the perfect time to implement some new frugal summer ideas. Give it a few weeks and they will become part of your daily routine and you will easily continue them in winter and beyond.

The nicer weather makes it easier to make some changes to our lives because we have more opportunities to be outdoors and enjoy free entertainment in parks, beaches or gardens.

Spending less time indoor means we often don’t feel the need to purchase the latest piece of tech or gadget, we just enjoy being outside.

So are you ready to see some easy frugal summer ideas to implement right now?

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10 frugal summer ideas you need to start right now

Buy in-season fruit and vegetables

Buying in-season fruit and vegetables is an easy step that will immediately save you loads of money. Fruits and vegetables that are grown locally cost less in any grocery or market.

Locally grown produce is not only good for your pockets but also for the environment, as their production creates way less Co2 and pollution in the air, compared to exotic products.

Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables on your plate is also great, as it can reduce the amount of meat you eat. Eating less meat will save you so much money in the long run. We often forget that filling half of our plate with vegetables (as any diet recommends) will keep us full for longer. Health and financial benefits, what more can you ask for?

Grow your own veg

If you feel adventurous and want to try something new, why don’t you try growing your own fruit and veg? Growing your own vegetables, not only gives you an amazing supply of delicious food, but is proven to help with mental wellbeing as well as being a sustainable choice (less shop bought products means less plastic waste).

And if you’re worried about the upfront cost, I’ve broken down all the expenses required to start, including some handy advice on how to garden for less.

Cook less

With the hot days, who feels like cooking anyway? Swap your oven recipes for a fresh salad or these amazing bruschetta ideas. Or you could arrange a nice picnic in the park!

And for one of those rainy days, when you really need a home cooked meal, consider using a slow cooker instead. Loads of recipes can be done in this versatile kitchen equipment, and it even replaces the oven! Did you know that the slow cooker uses as much energy as a lightbulb?

Hang clothes to dry

I love technology, but one of the things I have purposely chose to live without is a tumble dryer. My family owns one, and I honestly think it’s great, especially for big families, but I have decided it’s not for me.

Hanging clothes on a drying rack is so much cheaper: you’ll save money on the purchase of the actual machine and electricity for its use. You only have to trade that for a bit of your time.

Surely, that’s a lot easier if you have some space in the house where you could leave your clothes to dry.

However, with the nicer weather clothes can dry in a day, so why don’t you give it a try this summer?

Quit the gym

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Exercising is great for your health and mental wellbeing but with long sunny days, who needs the gym?

Cancel your membership on freeze it for the summer, and go exercising in the park or in your garden.

Your wallet will thank you for it.

Cut Netflix

We all love Netflix and its selection of series, films and documentaries, but why not making the most of the mild summer evenings and go for a walk instead?

Alternatively, you could also spend the evening in the garden with a nice drink, relaxing and chatting with friends or family. That’s my favourite kind of night ever!

Declutter and sell

Use the summer days to do a deep declutter of your house and get rid of everything you don’t need. Sell all your stuff on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, and make some extra cash. Or just take it to your local charity.

Try to avoid going to the tip if you can, and consider upcycling your old furniture to give them a new life, before throwing it away.

DIY projects

We all have loads of little things we would like to improve or fix in our house, and we often don’t have time for it during the year.

Use the summer days to tackle some of those. Check Youtube videos to learn tricks and avoid paying for a professional, you will learn a new skill and save loads of money!

Plan in advance

If you’re going on holiday, look for deals in advance to save money on hotel and accommodation.

Or, even better, why not picking your holiday destination amongst those on offer? You’ll discover a new location you haven’t considered before and have a great time on a budget.

If some time away is not on the table this year, make your staycation memorable by arranging day trips to nearby towns or check local festivals and events.

Ditch the hairdryer and make-up

Summer is a perfect time to rock a more natural look. Less make-up (or no make-up at all) will save you loads of money and give your skin a break – just don’t forget your SPF!

Same goes for your hair, let it dry naturally to combat the negative effect of heat and chemical styling products, and save electricity.

Turn off the tap

It’s normal to use a lot more water in summer, but always be mindful of it, and remember to turn off the tap whenever you can!

If you have a big garden and use loads of water to water it, consider investing in a garden water butt, like this one, to catch the rain and use it to keep your garden and plants healthy in summer.

My takeaway

Implementing a few easy frugal summer ideas can make a great difference to your pockets, to the environment and mental health. So why not try some of these?