how to get a laptop for £100

This post will explain how to buy stuff for less thanks to cashback.

I will show you how I got a brand new laptop for £100.00. I did it on Black Friday and so can you.

Truth is, you don’t need to wait for Black Friday, all you need is an offer and my strategy below.

Black Friday Review

I never buy stuff on Black Friday. The rush in the shops gives me headaches and the shiny discount signs are too big a temptation to be avoided.

Online offers are even worse and my needs never seem to sync with the offers available. Why don’t I need a new electric toothbrush when it’s on offer 70% off?

We are pressured to buy something for fear of missing out, on the deals themselves or on the conversations with family and colleagues.

Buying for the sake of it is not good for my budget or for my mission to declutter my house and live a simpler life.

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I just need to hope my toothbrush doesn’t break in the next couple of months.

Why I decided to buy a new laptop

The story with my laptop is a different one, though. I really needed one.

I bought mine in November 2013 after I had accidentally burnt the motherboard of my previous laptop. With no job or money and ready to move to the UK, I had to go for the cheapest. I knew it wasn’t the top of the range but it was ok for what I needed: skype with my family, browse websites and write a CV.

And it worked fine for years.

However, things got really slow in the past year.

I blamed it to having a lot of files saved on my computer, so I removed all of them, with only minor improvements to performance.

But it was still usable; in some ways I didn’t mind having time to make a cup of coffee whilst waiting for my laptop to load whatever I was trying to open (joking, it didn’t take that long).

Now, we are looking at over 30 minutes wait to turn on the machine and an additional 10 to open google chrome, only to reach the slow pace mentioned above.

I tried to convince myself I could still use it, but you will agree with me that adding 30 minutes to the usual 45 minutes wait for a pizza delivery is just too much to take when you are starving, and love pizza as much as I do.

How to buy stuff for less thanks to cashback

So I made the decision to buy a new laptop but was determined to spend the least possible amount for a good quality one. And I did it, thanks to TopCashback.

TopCashback Homepage

What is TopCashback?

TopCashback is a website that offers cashback if you purchase from certain retailers.

Basically, whenever you want to buy something online, for example a new broadband contract or pair of shoes, instead of going directly on or, you go on TopCashback first. Once there, you search for ‘BT’ or ‘office’ and then shop as normal – TopCashback will record your visit and calculate the cashback for you. Easy as that!

You can get cashback on literally anything: from household bills to holidays, from insurance policies to sports equipment. They often add new retailers so it’s always good to check if what you need is available through TopCashback.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t buy something just because of the cash back, but it is a great tool for purchases you were going to do anyway.

How much can you make?

I used TopCashback as much as I could and managed to accrue £441 over a couple of years of spend. Biggest cashbacks I have received are:

  • £105.00 – for setting up a Moneyfarm Stock & Shares ISA
  • £80.00 – for booking a holiday in 2018
  • £57.00 – for booking a holiday in 2019
  • £60.00 – for setting up Sky broadband in 2018
  • £100.00 – for switching broadband provider from Sky to BT

The rest are a few pounds here and there for clothes, shoes and mainly pizza delivery. So, thanks to you Pizza Hut for my new laptop.

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Ok, but how did I buy it?

Very simply.

I monitored the offers online and found the perfect laptop for me on offer at £579 down from £699 at Currys PCWorld.

Currys PCWorld is a TopCashback partner and they offer a 8% bonus if you convert your earnings in a e-gift card; which I did, and my £441.00 jumped to £476.

The gift cards are online vouchers stored in the TopCashback app which you can use online, keep on your phone and show in the shop or print.

So the maths are:

£699 £579 – £436 £476 = £103

I purchased the laptop online through TopCashback, as they offered 1% cashback on any purchase.

They offer cashback on the total, so on the amount of the gift cards and the outstanding balance paid by card. This resulted in a further £5.7 cashback, which will be payable in a few weeks.

My takeaway on how to buy stuff for less thanks to cashback

Have you tried Top Cashback yet? I absolutely love it and use for every purchase I can.

You can sign up for a Classic account which is completely free to use (including withdrawing your earning), or you can select a Plus account with extra benefits for £5 a year. This fee is deducted from your earnings at the point of withdrawing, so you will never pay it if you never withdraw your money.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on TopCashback!