October 2019 Income Report

To achieve our long term dream of paying off the mortgage early and reduce our working hours (or even retire), I have decided to focus not only on saving money, but on making extra money as well.

In this post I want to show you how much you can make with online surveys and apps.

Background to my side hustles

I am at the very beginning of this journey and I am mainly focussing on online survey apps as a side hustle.

Survey apps are one of the pillars of the #debtfree community on the internet. These apps really require some commitment and investment in terms of time, and we all know how hard it can be if you’re busy with work, a family or, well, just life.

However, it is not impossible and every little penny can help achieve your final goal. By documenting my journey, I want to hold myself accountable but also hopefully inspire you to do the same, if you haven’t started already.

I am hoping to introduce additional streams of income with time and therefore improve my results; and ultimately start tackling our debt with some of the money we make!

Online Surveys and Apps

I am testing a few different apps at the moment, mainly for surveys and receipts scanning. Overall, it seems some of them provide a better return than others, but I will continue testing and will report back with a full review soon.

This month I made money from: ReceiptHog, Curious Cat, OnePulse and Qmee.

ReceiptHog is an app where you scan your receipts in return for points, that are then converted into Amazon vouchers or cash.

Curious Cat, One Pulse and Qmee are survey apps, where you get points for completing surveys that are then converted into cash.

This side hustle can be extremely profitable if you can dedicate some time to it, which I didn’t really do this month; my results are based on sporadic use of a few days per month for a few minutes, I would estimate a total of a couple of hours per month.

My side hustle results for October 2019

One Pulse = £11.65

Curious Cat = £ 2.76

Receipt Hog = £5.00

Qmee = £2.45

Total is £21.86.

I am looking to set some targets in terms of income, and I was thinking £50, but I am afraid it might be too optimistic. Come back next month to see if I have achieved it!